Hamster Wallpapers

Hamster Wallpapers

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Hamster Wallpapers




"Cute Hamster Wallpapers" HD Cover your phone with true Girly cuteness with this adorable collection of free Mobile Backgrounds for Girls. Funny Animals Pet Wallpaper and Lovely Hamster Cartoon Clipart 3D Illustrations. Free Download this excellent collection of “Hamster Pictures” Specially designed for Kids

Hamsters are rodents belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. The subfamily contains about 25 species, classified in six or seven genera. They have become established as popular small house pets and partly because they are easy to breed in captivity, hamsters are often used as laboratory animals. In the wild, hamsters are crepuscular and remain underground during the day to avoid being caught by predators. They feed primarily on seeds, fruits, and vegetation, and will occasionally eat burrowing insects. They have elongated cheek pouches extending to their shoulders in which they carry food back to their burrows.

Hamsters are typically stout-bodied, with tails shorter than body length, and have small, furry ears, short, stocky legs, and wide feet. They have thick, silky fur, which can be long or short, colored black, grey, honey, white, brown, yellow, red, or a mix, depending on the species. Two species of hamster belonging to the genus Phodopus, Campbell's dwarf hamster (P. campbelli) and the Djungarian hamster (P. sungorus), and two of the genus Cricetulus, the Chinese striped hamster (C. barabensis) and the have a dark stripe down their heads to their tails. The species of genus Phodopus are the smallest, with bodies 5.5 to 10.5 cm (2.2 to 4.1 in) long; the largest is the European hamster (Cricetus cricetus), measuring up to 34 cm (13.4 in) long, not including a short tail of up to 6 cm (2.4 in). The Angora hamster, also known as the long-haired or teddy bear hamster, which is a type of the "Golden Hamster" is the second-largest hamster breed.

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Nice Features OF "Hamster Wallpapers" Application:

- Full support for landscape mode.

- Compatible with 99% of mobile phones and devices.

- Optimized battery usage!

- Fully supports horizontal orientation

- Add to favorites

- New Wallpapers are added daily – collect them all!

- You can save or Share "Hamster Pictures" to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram Or Line with your Good Friends. Let the Wallpaper mania begin and have a lot of fun exploring different Hamster Backgrounds. Have the most glamorous phone screen ever. Enjoy being a trendy girl!

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Hamster Wallpapers

Hamster Wallpapers

Screenshots - 1 : Hamster Wallpapers

Hamster Wallpapers

Screenshots - 2 : Hamster Wallpapers

Hamster Wallpapers

Screenshots - 3 : Hamster Wallpapers

Hamster Wallpapers

Screenshots - 4 : Hamster Wallpapers

Hamster Wallpapers

Screenshots - 5 : Hamster Wallpapers

Hamster Wallpapers

Screenshots - 6 : Hamster Wallpapers

Hamster Wallpapers

Screenshots - 7 : Hamster Wallpapers

Hamster Wallpapers

Screenshots - 8 : Hamster Wallpapers

Hamster Wallpapers

Screenshots - 9 : Hamster Wallpapers

Hamster Wallpapers

Screenshots - 10 : Hamster Wallpapers


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