Arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy


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Arabic calligraphy




Calligraphy is Arabic writing. For me the calligraphy is a very beautiful art or writing that is usually written on people who are proficient in the field of calligraphy. There are several kinds or models of types of calligraphy writing from difficult or complex or difficult.

Beautiful writing or what we usually call calligraphy is related to technique or art. In general, calligraphy has been known in the world civilization. And what we often see among them is Javanese, chinese, and arabic calligraphy art.

Arabic calligraphy is an art that is more appreciated than other Islamic art. Because, the art of calligraphy is used as the main tool to preserve the Qur'an. Because usually, Muslims make Arabic calligraphic artwork by writing fragments from the holy verses of the Qur'an.

1. Khus nasakh (naskhi) is one of the most readable and understandable types of script. As we often read, write and see in the Mushaf al-qur'an. Lots of people who often use this paper because it is very easy to read and write.

2. Kwan diwani is one of the stylized style created by the usurper turkey society. His writing model is famous for spinning on every letter until no one has no arch.

3. Rij'ah is the style of khat whose specifications are in short letters and can be written faster than nasikh, because it is simple and uncomplicated / difficult to write.

4. Khat farisi. This writing model seems to hang. This writing style is generally used by Persians, Indians and Turks.

5. Kufi is the oldest writing style and the source of Arabic calligraphy. How to write it should not be with bamboo, but also can with pen, ruler, run, and others.

You can also learn from the models or types of writing above. Do not be shy to develop your talents in this field and start learning or trying to learn to write calligraphy with high spirits. And do not give up easily before trying until you can actually write calligraphy. Keep proceeding to become what you want. Love first before you start a new lesson so that you are easy to understand.

Calligraphy is the art of writing text into paintings using pens, brushes, or other stationery to a particular medium. Initially calligraphy was poured into papyrus paper media, but along with the development of time, calligraphy media was also found in other more varied media such as stone, wall, coin, silk, canvas paper, jewelry, brass plate, glass, ceramic, and others. For Muslims, the ability to write-in the broader sense-is a distinction between humans and animals, writing is a manifestation of the supreme intelligence of man. The father of international Islamic law, ibrahim ash-shaybani, says writing is "hand language, idiom of mind, ambassador of reason, supreme authority of thought, weapon of knowledge, and best friend for faith among time gap.

The 16th century was the beginning of the art of Islamic calligraphy into a form of treatise, in which the styles in calligraphy had found its original formulation. Al-quran and Islamic poems are massively poured into the form of calligraphy with the distinctiveness of calligraphy styles from different streams. Since then the art of calligraphy has played an important role for the development of Islamic culture. Islamic calligraphy art is arguably has unlimited scope, variety and application of its usage can be poured into any writing media. So not surprisingly, not only the Islamic world that uses calligraphy with Arabic texts, the western world is also affected by Islamic calligraphy.

Calligraphic writing techniques are not random, there are certain reasons behind every technique, there is an accurate geometry, there are strict rules in it, there is an unwritten agreement among calligraphy artists: beautiful, varied, complicated whatever calligraphy, do not change meaning and original text of the Qur'an.






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Arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy

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Arabic calligraphy

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Arabic calligraphy

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Arabic calligraphy

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Arabic calligraphy

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Arabic calligraphy

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