Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

By Dat Company

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Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)





Unique photo editor, the top painting app on Windows Phone now on Android.

Unleash your inner artist with this artistic expression tool, even if newbie in painting, and impress your friends.

Great for kids and adults!

Unlike other apps Fantasia has 32 unique brushes (e.g. Fur, Rainbow, Makeup) that adapt to your painting style,

speed, direction and nearby colors to make even simple strokes look professional.

Powerful effects, like Sculpt and Clone, help you enlarge muscles, swap faces, body shape, and more.

All effects can be "painted" to part of image, so you can create works of art that are uniquely your own.

The free version is full-featured, with ads. You can buy the full version at any time to remove the ads.

Embark on your own art adventure and discover where the rabbit hole leads!


Eye color/shadow/makeup

Fur, Furball - Paint cute furry animals, furry flowers, add fur to photos.

Sketch - Create pencil sketches, with far less strokes compared to real pencil

Fairy lights - "alive" abstract brush

Rainbow - Beautiful organic color transitions add life to your paintings.

Twisted Squares, Paint, Dirty Paint, Pen, Eraser

100+ Effects:

Colorize - change to grayscale; brush back color with your finger.

Dark Dream - gloomy feel; brush on and off to add subtle and powerful changes

Sculpt - change smiles, thin/fatten waists, make curved flowers, and much more

Vintage, borders, collage

Text: amazing, rare fonts, 500+ symbols, comic/speech bubbles

Lifelike Colors - combines steps from online tutorials to improve most photos. Tap Invert for before/after view.

Recolor, Soft light, Blur, Gentle Painter, more

Paint with one finger. Zoom/pan with two fingers.

What people say:

"Did you really do this? It's amazing!"

"Look at what my son did!"

I believe there is an artist in any of us. We just need the right tools to show it.

90% of new features are due to direct customer feedback. Please send yours too!








We're looking for feedback to make Fantasia Painter better.

Aug, 15:

- added "new image" ability to set background

- added banner ads on top of main page (purchase to remove from Settings)

- app showing up in Edit options for phone

- fixed Smudge crash after image open

- fixed Clone sometimes stops working after using it for 1 hour

- fixed Effect custom options disappearing after using Negative or Solarize

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August 16, 2018


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Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 1 : Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 2 : Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 3 : Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 4 : Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 5 : Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 6 : Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 7 : Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 8 : Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 9 : Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 10 : Fantasia Painter (Unreleased)


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