Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

By Yougilla

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Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs






Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs Application offers a large variety of Glitter Wallpapers and Glitter GIFs. Make your phone stand out amazingly with Glitter Wallpapers, and enjoy watching amusing and funny glitter GIFs. Give a glitter look to your device with Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs. Sparkle your device.

This application contains +1000 glitter GIFs and wallpapers. Additionally, plenty of wallpapers and GIFs will be added daily. You will have new wallpapers to use daily in order to make your device glittery unique, and funny glittery GIFs to amuse yourself. All the wallpapers are designed to fit all the devices. You can also share your favorite or any other wallpaper in social media, such as; Pinterest, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, or any other social media after saving the wallpaper you are enteding to send in your device.

Features :

+ Plenty of high definition Glitter wallpapers

+ Large amount of funny Glitter GIFs

+ Easy to use, comfortable user experience

+ Add your preferable Glitter wallpapers to "Favorite Section"

+ Add your preferable Glitter GIFs to "Favorite Section"

+ 5 different themes, choose your favorite theme

+ Corp any wallpaper before you set it as a home screen image

+ Download Glitter wallpapers and GIFs to check them out offline


+ Hippie Wallpapers

+ Aztec Wallpapers

+ Wallpapers for Cocoppa

+ Glitter Wallpapers/ Fancy Wallpapers/ Sparkly Wallpapers/ Gorgeous Wallpapers

+ Cool Glitter Wallpapers/ Superb Wallpapers/ Beautiful Wallpapers

+ Coffee Wallpapers

+ Girly Wallpapers/ Gorgeous Wallpapers/ Elegant Walllpapers

+ Pastel Wallpapers

+ Cute Wallpapers/ Kawaii Wallpapers/ Beautiful Wallpapers

+ Positive Vibes Wallpapers

+ Emoji Wallpapers

+ Inspirational Quotes Wallpapers

+ Couple Goals Wallpapers

+ Friendship Goals Wallpapers

+ Unicorn Wallpapers

+ Floral Wallpapers

+ Fruits Wallpapers

+ Lilly Wallpapers

+ Paris Love Wallpapers/ Paris Wallpapers

+ Dreamcatcher Wallpapers

+ Panda Wallpapers

+ Feathers Wallpapers

+ Dorado Wallpapers

+ Fofos Wallpapers

+ Anchor Wallpapers

+ Dope Wallpapers

+ Hypebeast Wallpapers

+ Supreme Wallpapers

+ Aztec Wallpapers

+ Abstract Wallpapers

+ 3D Wallpapers/ HD Wallpapers/ 4K Wallpapers/ HQ Wallpapers

+ Gorgeous Wallpapers

+ Valentine's Day Wallpapers/ Valentine Wallpapers

+ Iphone Wallpapers

+ Cartoon Wallpapers

+ Pyschedelic Wallpaper

+ Hipster Wallpapers

+ Cute Food Wallpapers

+ Vintage Wallpapers

+ Llama Wallpapers

+ Alpaca Wallpapers

+ Tumblr Wallpapers/ Awesome Wallpapers

+ Others: Cat Wallpapers/ Lock screen Wallpapers/ AMOLED Wallpapers/ Minimal Wallpapers/ Spring Wallpapers/ Nature Wallpapers/ Kika Wallpapers/ Sassy Wallpapers

Select your favorite wallpapers among hundreds of HD Glitter images and enjoy watching GIFs. Amuse yourself with the best home screen customazitation, this will surely fulfill customized needs. Download Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs. Please share your honest opinions about our application, your opinions highly matter to us offer you the best "user experience" and the easiest "user interface".








+ Very Fast to load Images

+ New Theme Colors

+ Fix Crashes

+ New Features

- Set as Contact image

- Set as home screen

- Set as lock screen

- Set as home screen and lock screen at the same time

- Set as Whatsapp background

+ Better way to crop image

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June 6, 2018





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Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Screenshots - 1 : Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Screenshots - 2 : Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Screenshots - 3 : Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Screenshots - 4 : Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Screenshots - 5 : Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Screenshots - 6 : Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Screenshots - 7 : Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs

Screenshots - 8 : Glitter Wallpapers & GIFs


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