Name Art - Focus N Filter

Name Art - Focus N Filter

By Photo Creation App

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Name Art - Focus N Filter








Name Art - Focus N Filter

Focus n Filter is Fingertip Art in which your name written in art.

Focus n Filters is packed with Sketch, Art, Stickers, Effects, Color Filters, and Exciting Editor tools to make Name

Extra Special. Spice up your Name using Creative Effects, using the free Focus n Filters!

Name art(2017) app also provide lots of emojis to decorate your Name in beautiful way.

Name Art - Focus n Filter is amazing tool to create awesome text photo with your feelings and

share to Facebook, Twitter, Zalo with your friends.

Name Art work as awesome name editor, name creator, name card generator, name art maker,

love greeting card creator. You also your it as picture status on social network...

name art app is to write your text on photos,using stylish calligraphy font provide 100+ famous unique

font style and Independence Day, Friendship Day, janmashtami 2017 Sticker.

Write your name with focus and filter. This application is used to write your name with different way and filter.

You can also draw a painting and name as you want with many font filter.

::- Features ::-

Choose from different options to name out the image and make a customized image.

Add fancy texts to the name using stylish name maker or my name art.

Decorate 50+ templates using stylish text fonts and stylish name trends.

100+ different symbols used to decorate your name art.

Set Different type of background and gradients.

100+ stylish fonts for making stylish quotes art.

Focus handwriting My Name Art with Colors & Backgrounds.

Calligraphy Fonts and Calligraphy Effect.

Easy to use.

Total Free apps.

Also Known as:--

Calligraphy Art.

Calligraphy Name

Calligraphy Name Art

Focus and filter

Focus n filters

Focus And Filters



focus n filter

filter n focus

filters n focus




signature maker

insta focus filter

focus K&N filter


Name Art

Calligraphy app

Download this app to find more features and lots of ready made Name Art.

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September 21, 2017





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2.2 and up

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Name Art - Focus N Filter

Name Art - Focus N Filter

Screenshots - 1 : Name Art - Focus N Filter

Name Art - Focus N Filter

Screenshots - 2 : Name Art - Focus N Filter

Name Art - Focus N Filter

Screenshots - 3 : Name Art - Focus N Filter

Name Art - Focus N Filter

Screenshots - 4 : Name Art - Focus N Filter

Name Art - Focus N Filter

Screenshots - 5 : Name Art - Focus N Filter

Name Art - Focus N Filter

Screenshots - 6 : Name Art - Focus N Filter

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