TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)

TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)

By Unic Games

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TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)







TankCraft is your lite MOBA shooting game on the go.

Intense 3 minute combat, awesome PvP tank battles with real players worldwide!

Build your own base, DIY and design your own map.

Multiple rules and maps:

* Conquer mode: 3v3, conquer target and grab energy buckets!

* Defense mode: 3v3, destroy enemy base!

* Survival mode: 10 gamers, survive to the last one!

* BOSS mode: 5v1, are you the boss, or the hunter?!


* Hiding in the forest, attack the enemy, is an effective tactic!

* Collect coins and equipments, upgrade and unlock your tanks.

* Join a clan, share experience and battle together with other gamers.

* Gain victory stars and climb to top of the leaderboards, prove you’re the real clash master!

* Invite friends and enjoy battle together!

* DIY maps and build up your own base.

Good internet is required to play this game.










* Adjust the layout of the main interface, combine the basic editing and the corresponding gameplay into one entrance, and the three leisure modes have a separate entrance.

* Adjust the treasure box opening method

* Optimize the Clan interface

* Optimize the novice guidance process

* Optimized some small details

Additional Information

Additional Information


December 29, 2018


Varies with device



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Varies with device

Requires Android

Varies with device

Content Rating

Rated for 7+

Implied Violence

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Unic Games


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TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)

TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 1 : TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)

TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 2 : TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)

TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 3 : TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)

TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)

Screenshots - 4 : TankCraft 2: Online War (Unreleased)


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