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  • Swipe SpearMan Run : The Blast

    Swipe SpearMan Run : The Blast

    By gaming boss studio

    Blasting Fun with Swipe stickspearman Breaker![How to Play Swipe spearman]Control the Stick man to run spears at other cars,stones etc. Run Run and Run is the mission avoid all obstacles.Vikings best action games, kungfu fighting action game Is a ninja warrior, you will be equipped with useful items against the terrorist army. This Simulator is a Shadow Adventure Revenge game.The followers of games still have not forgotten the feeling of tight guillotine and ecstatic graphics of Stickman old...

  • Marble Brick Blast

    Marble Brick Blast

    By Bricks Breaker Free Games

    Play Now Marble Shooter Brick Breakerblast marbles bricks much you can!Shoots balls to break bricks and pass levelsthis game is brick breaking, perfect for a time killer[How to Play]Swap paddle to shooting Marble ball and break the bricks.[Game Features]1. Fun and addictive marble legend story game.2. Beautiful and Stunning marble effects Graphics.3. Explore over hundreds puzzle Levels Map.4. Super Fireball for destroying and blast all Bricks.5. Match for all ages and gender!6. Best ball shooter...

  • Brick Blast PRO – Bricks Breaking Journey

    Brick Blast PRO – Bricks Breaking Journey

    By Impa Software

    ????THE ULTIMATE BRICK BLAST GAME. Join the EXCITEMENT in clearing row of bricks as fast as possible! One of the most exciting new brick blast games. Do you have the needed concentration, calmness and skills to master all of the 8 game modes? We challenge you to join this brick blaster game. Brick Blast is fun, unforgettably enjoyable and social. ????UNIQUE BRICK BLAST CHALLENGE????Clear the brick line with brick shots, the higher the level the more interesting it will be. Challenge your friends and...

  • Physics Blast

    Physics Blast

    By Zenith​

    Ready for some breaking, bouncy bricks & balls?Get into the Physics Blast!Aim and shoot the balls into the bricks!Make sure to clear the board to stay alive!Learn how to play with increasing difficulties and many different block shapes!• The most addictive arcade game of all times!• Unique Physics & Bouncing mechanics!• Easy to learn aiming system!• Multiple power-ups like: Extra Ball, Double Power & Brick Break!• Endless adventure!• Global Leaderboards!• Available for mobile phones and...

  • Brick Breaker Blast

    Brick Breaker Blast

    By Droid Box

    The bricks are the files in each account; some of them are infected with virus; get into the folders and shot the virus down with balls. Collecting stars to unlock different shots and new levels. Earn coins by getting all 3 stars, and reach a “New High Score” in each level. Buy more balls in the shop , so you can have more fun shooting. Finally, any difficulty you encounter, can be “solved” with the “Explosive Shot”Try Now! Brick Breaker Blast is the latest breakout game provides you with some...

  • Balls Breaker

    Balls Breaker

    By Pinka

    Are you tired of playing boring brick breaking games that all look the same? Balls Breaker is a new and fresh brick breaking game that adds a unique twist to the classic games to bring you a visually stunning game that’s a treat for the eyes! Excitement & Fun For Everyone! The game is simple to play but winning is a whole other story. All you have to do is to aim and fire the balls to hit the bricks and bring their durability down to zero to destroy them before they hit the bottom. This brick...

  • Power Blast Pop Bricks

    Power Blast Pop Bricks

    By Bricks Breaker Free Games

    Enjoy the worlds Power blast brick breaking game for FREE!take aim shoot balls to break bubble bricks and pop all of them to level up and advance along the map.“Power blast pop bricks” is a fun & addictive brick breaker game, help you to kill the boring time. HOW TO PLAYSlide left or right to move your paddle and keep the balls bounce on the screen. FEATURES*UNIQUE LEVELS-Hundreds of puzzles levels super fun and challenges.-Map levels designed.*AMAZING GRAPHICS-Amazing graphics and effects...

  • Brick Breaker Hero

    Brick Breaker Hero

    By Game Circus LLC

    The classic brick breaker game with a new twist! Your new Arkanoid addiction!Can you be the villagers' hero and break them out of the monsters' stronghold?Keep up with the bouncing ball and deflect it with your paddle in this classic breakout game!From the creators of Coin Dozer and Prize Claw 2, Brick Breaker Hero is a whole new Arkanoid adventure!Monsters have come to terrorize each kingdom in the land, and the villagers need a hero!A hero has come, wielding a powerful shield and armed with...

  • Cannon Brick Breaker

    Cannon Brick Breaker


    Welcome to Cannon Brick Breaker - an 8-bit retro game about breaking things! A great way to pass the time! Enjoy playing Cannon Brick Breaker with friends around the world!Challenge your friends and reach the top ranks!▶ Cannon Brick Breaker Official Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/superbox01This game supports '한국어', 'Indonesian', 'Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語', '中文简体', '中文繁體', 'Deutsch', 'français', 'Español', 'ไทย', 'Русский', 'Arabic'.【Cannon Brick Breaker's Feature】☞ Reach the top...

  • Bounce Brick Breaker

    Bounce Brick Breaker

    By Monthly 23

    Addictive & minimalist game for all ages.Monthly23 is independent one man developer who release game every month.Make addictive minimalist game for all ages.[Features]- Free to play- Endless gameplay- score competition with players from all over the worldDownload for free.There is no in-app purchase.You can play without internet connection.[How to play]- Tap to rise your balls up.- When ball hits the brick, durability is reduced. When durability reduce to 0, brick breaks.- Get the green circle...

  • ???? Ballz Blast Brick Breaker

    ???? Ballz Blast Brick Breaker

    By DuDiMi Puzzle Games

    - Brick Breaker is a Breakout game in which the player must smash a wall of bricks by deflecting a bouncing ball with a paddle. The paddle may move horizontally to catch the bouncing balls.- When all the bricks have been destroyed, the player advances to a new level. There are many versions of brick breaker, some in which you can shoot flaming fireballs or play with more than one ball if the player gets a power up.????????????- And now we bring the game to the next level. A whole new level, a super ,...

  • Blast Ball Breaker Free

    Blast Ball Breaker Free

    By Brick Breaker Games

    Shooting Ball and blast bricks if you like brick breaker games you will love this game【Game Features】- Excellent Bricks Colors- Beautiful Backgrounds HD Graphics- 300 + Levels Map- Silver Bricks need to break Three times- Gold Bricks need to break Four times- Fireball for Override all Bricks Breaker- Crazy brick popping breaker game- No WiFi you still can play so you can play anytime and anywhere you want. get action exciting experience by fire balls for a break and smash bricks so don't wait...

  • Brick Ball

    Brick Ball

    By Brick Blast

    Brick Ball, Arkanoid Brick Breaker Wanna relax your brain and killing time?Or need a game which is really simple and not so hard to play.Then try this one- Brick Ball: Arkanoid Brick BreakerBrick Ball is a brick-breaking game with new addictive gameplay[How to play ball brick shooter]- Stare and shoot ball to break the bricks.- When ball hits the brick, durability is reduced. When durability reduce to 0, brick breaks.- Get the green circle to increase the number of balls.- When the bricks reach...

  • Balls Bricks Breaker Blast

    Balls Bricks Breaker Blast


    The game helps you to relax and kill your free time. Easy to play and simple with balls and bricks.The game will start with one ball and increase more balls when you play longer. The balls will move and bounce will the wall and bricks. Once the ball colliders with brick, brick health will decrease one point until no more health, brick will be destroyed.Your mission is so simple but not easy. You have to destroy all bricks before they move to the bottom. More balls, more powers.[How to play]-...

  • Swipe Brick Breaker Legend

    Swipe Brick Breaker Legend


    Shoot balls to hit bricks that appear on your screen.A new row of bricks will appear each time you shoot a ball.Destroy the bricks by shooting them for the amount of times written on the bricks![About the game]- A simple game of breaking bricks through swiping.- Play the game without any restrictions such as Heart limits!- You can play the game offline and in airplane mode!- The game's size is smaller than 30M. Download the game anywhere, anytime!- This game supports tablets.- This game supports...

  • TRI Breaker: Swipe Brick Breaker!

    TRI Breaker: Swipe Brick Breaker!

    By Poxelgon Games

    READY FOR A NEW CHALLENGE?Tired of the same old brick breaker games? TRI Breaker is a breath of fresh air in a world of brick breaker clones. This new swipe brick breaker experience will keep you hooked as it is a true twist on the classic brick breaker games.HOW TO PLAY:TRI Breaker is simple to play, but will be hard to master. Swipe the ball toward a brick, but NEVER let the ball hit the edges of the screen. If the ball is swiped off screen it's GAME OVER! Keep swiping your ball at any of the...

  • BallX Breaker - Universe Blast

    BallX Breaker - Universe Blast

    By SNK IT Solutions

    Relax your brain with the champion of time killer arcade ball breaker game!Just drag left and right to move paddle, swipe the ball to the brick and break all the bricks easily!Shoot and watch the chain of balls hit, bounce and break the bricks. Think strategically and make the most of the power up. Beat your highscore and compare it to your friends.Catch split and bouncing items make balls more effective. HOW TO PLAY?- Swipe finger on screen to move paddle. Paddle helps to keep balls in air.-...

  • Infinite Brick Blast

    Infinite Brick Blast


    Wanna relax your brain and absent-minded?Or need a game which is really simple and not so hard to play.Then try this one.Just aim the target bricks and shoot them up.Best for killing time. [ TIPs ]- The more '+1' you get, the more balls you can shoot.- Max 250 balls are available, after then the power of ball will increase by '+1'- 8 themes of bricks and balls you can enjoy.- Once the app is deleted, golds will disappear.※ Support tablet...

  • Swipe Brick Breaker: The Blast

    Swipe Brick Breaker: The Blast


    Blasting Fun with Swipe Brick Breaker!Watch how time flies with the latest version of Brick Breaker, the one loved by 10 million users around the world.[How to Play Swipe Brick Breaker]- Swipe the ball and hit the brick- The brick breaks when durability drops to 0- If any brick come all the way to the bottom, you lose.[The Specifics of Swipe Brick Breaker]- Brick Breaker became much cooler with various bombs and balls- Easy with only one hand! Swipe Brick Breaker- Various stages and play modes-...

  • 捕魚大師-街機捕魚達人最愛的遊戲廳捕魚遊戲


    By Chen Qizhen

    年度人氣捕魚遊戲,全新打造經典捕魚,高度還原電玩捕魚和千炮捕魚,捕魚送話費、捕魚領金幣、免費鉆石升千炮,采用全新捕魚夢幻海底場景,3D炮彈和新品魚類重新回歸純正捕魚遊戲。 大型3D捕魚遊戲機移植,再也不用去街機遊戲廳,在手機上就可以體驗原滋原味的捕魚達人遊戲。妳還將體驗到百種魚類,魚陣震撼往來;精美遊戲畫面,海底夢幻深邃;創意無限的玩法設計,超高倍率BOSS金幣放送,重現街機室的街機捕魚,萬人聯網捕魚、感受真人捕魚的樂趣!成為捕魚達人,與新結識的好朋友在遊戲營造的忘憂世界中並肩作戰流連忘返。 【遊戲特色】——純正街機捕魚玩法升級版更強的炮臺火力,更爽的道具技能,更多的BOSS魚種,更豐富的玩法副本,延續街機捕魚的精髓之外,添加新穎的創新玩法!——多人競技賽,奪冠之戰多人實時在線競技,除房間模式、大獎賽、8人快速賽之外,還有40人快速賽,史上多人同時參與的捕魚競技賽!深海大追殺!——千炮副本,神秘BOSS用超強千倍炮對抗神秘的海底BOSS,獨創技能狂暴分身轟翻全場,無論何種BOSS都壹網打盡,稱霸深海!...


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