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  • Eye Makeup Tutorials

    Eye Makeup Tutorials

    By Fathiya

    With so many exciting cosmetic products now being developed and sold, women can achieve literally any look wanted. Today, companies that sell cosmetics realize the high demand by consumers for more innovative solutions. As a result, new and better products have been created.Celebrities introduced this look to the rest of the world many years ago. Since that time, several variations for this type of application have been seen. For instance, some women prefer heavy, Eyes while other women prefer a...

  • Bridal Eye Makeup

    Bridal Eye Makeup

    By Gnader Kaftan King

    Bridal Eye Makeup Tips is a Step by Step Tutorials application for you, ladies, to make of yourselves glamorous and attractive. The first and only thing you should do is to keep your makeup kit, your makeup eye-shadow palette for your eye makeup, your makeup brushes for the contouring and blushing and any other makeup cosmetic product you have next to you, because what this amazing makeup application holds is nothing but simple makeup lessons through different Bridal Eye Makeup pictures.In this...

  • Girls Popstar Halloween Party – Rockstar Makeup

    Girls Popstar Halloween Party – Rockstar Makeup

    By BlueHornTechnologies

    Hey rockstar dream girls! Have you ever wondered what it to become part of doll game for date nights makeup? A pop rockstar icon or pretty dancing ballerina! So here is your makeup app where you will be makeup makeover just like a dream date nights makeup of pop fashion stars but with a big challenge! This time in princess game for kids, you have to give halloween dream makeup to pop artist like any pretty dancing ballerina in free makeup in doll game. So grab your all makeup app brushes and all...

  • Makeup


    By Karaoke Love Music Tales for children

    Do you want to know how to learn to put on makeup? These makeup apps can be very helpful in this task. You will learn how to use cosmetics to get the best out of your beauty.To get a good makeup you must remove your makeup organizer and enjoy the makeup process, taking it as a makeup game will be more fun. Take your cosmetics: brush, mascara, eyeshadow, eyerliner, lipsticks, etc and with these tutorials of how to learn how to make up you will learn: eye makeup, eyebrow makeup, makeup artist,...

  • Beauty Girls Face Paint Party

    Beauty Girls Face Paint Party

    By 6677g.com

    This is an easy-to-play game for boys and girls. You need to do makeover and dress up in these free games. Please get ready to enjoy a makeover party that makes you excited! There are a lot of cute girls characters and fun backgrounds as well as many interesting options in the fun games!Each character has her own unique style and special scene theme! Use magic wand and a variety of brush tools to show your creative ideas and unique design ability!Therefore, take out your brush and makeover...

  • Eye MakeUp Tutorials

    Eye MakeUp Tutorials

    By kamiati

    Eye makeup is a type of cosmetics which aims to make the eyes look noticeable and attractive. It is mostly used by females, and by stage performers of all types. Eye makeup is an important part of the fashion and cosmetic industries. The main types of eye makeup tutorial are: Mascara, Eyeshadow, Eye liner.The idea can be taken much further. The colour of the eye can be altered by using contact lenses. Glitter and other appliqués can be stuck on near the eye. Fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions...

  • Women make up and hairstyle photo maker

    Women make up and hairstyle photo maker

    By Larrea Apps

    "Women make up and hairstyle photo maker" is an awesome photo editor planned particularly for women to change theirs looks, hairstyles and hair color instantly and in real time. Try perfect makeup looks and products on yourself. Get an instant makeover with multiple makeup and beauty looks. You can enhancing your skin tone, filters, removing wrinkles, erase pimples and reshape your face. You can also make-up, change the color of your lips, paint blusher and eye shadow, put on false...

  • Step by step make up (learn make up)

    Step by step make up (learn make up)

    By Sweet and Beauty HD Cameras

    You can easily see eye makeup and lip makeup ideas. This make-up application is designed for a quick and stylish look. Now you can easily make the most popular eye makeup modelsThe makeup tutorial application is designed for beginners and experienced women. Enjoy the free app and discover your beauty.It is completely free. Definitely works without internet. Download this great application. Enjoy lip and eye makeup tips and ideas and start looking attractive at every opportunity! You are...

  • Make Up Tutorial - Step By Step

    Make Up Tutorial - Step By Step

    By inggramdev

    Now everyone is home to do their own make up. a very good idea for girls and young women. You will Mayi Ogren Easily give up in your home and you will have so much fun looking at your photo quality collection for you You can Easily see eye makeup and lip makeup ideas Reviews These makeup applications are designed for quick and elegant appearance The most popular models of makeup eyes, you will be able to now in the easy way The most popular models of eye makeup, you will be able to now in easy...

  • Eyeliner step by step 2018

    Eyeliner step by step 2018

    By Girls world apps

    Simplify eye makeup application and learn how to do eye makeup with fail,safe eyeliner tips, expert eyeshadow tips and smokey eye tutorials.learn how to use your: Eye brow pencil, Kajal, Eye shadows, Under eye conceal, Eyeliner, Mascara do it yourself at home and use makeup tools such as eye shadow, how to make up, smokey eye tutorial, how to do makeup, how to put on makeup, how to apply makeup, makeup, makeup tutorial, makeup tips, eye makeup, Eyeliner Eye Makeup Step by Step pictures 2018, the...

  • Beauty Makeup Tutorials

    Beauty Makeup Tutorials

    By Gato Apps

    All you need to know about applying Beauty Makeup in one app.With our makeup tutorial, you'll learn how to always look your best, finally you have makeup Tutorials for every occasion at hand! Features:✔ How to Apply Makeup for a Natural Look ✔ Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own✔ Easy Makeup Tricks for Enhancing Small Features✔ Bridal Makeup for the Glam Bride✔ How to Reduce Wrinkles with Makeup✔ Sultry Makeup for Red Hair✔ Our Best Makeup Tips for Aging Skin✔...

  • Makeup Tutorials

    Makeup Tutorials

    By Rhodlex

    The Makeup Tutorial app is design for user who wants to learn and do makeup from the comfort of their home. Learn to do all form of head and body makeup. makeup brushes, makeup kit, mascara, makeup brush set, lipstick, concealer, makeup set, eyeliner, foundation makeup, makeup palette, eyeshadow palette, makeup online, bridal makeup, eyeshadow brushes, lip gloss, makeup box, face makeupMakeup VideosNails Art tutorialHair styleEye makeupLips makeupMakeup videohow to apply makeupmakeup for...

  • Tutorial Make up-professional

    Tutorial Make up-professional

    By inggramdev

    this application provides convenience for you women who want to apply your makeup from the face, eyebrows, and lips. face using a dewy shimmer with colorful and base metal pencils and crèmes. It is also an example of highlights and shading without using a typical contouring product. Here, you can easily see where the light hits your face and forward areas forward due to the reflective qualities of the makeup.Also, do not always think of this (or any other face) in the matter of day or night....

  • Nail designs and tutorials

    Nail designs and tutorials

    By Girls world apps

    The last thing you want to do is to pick up the wrong color to pain your nails with, and probably paying for nothing. Don't worry about it, because this application will save you from making such decision. Try it.You can find Collection of latest Nails Art Designs and simple nail designs, french manicure, acrylic nails, stiletto nails, cute nail designs, christmas nail art designs, gel nails, pretty nails, halloween nails, Steps are included for most of the Nail Art Designs. These nail art...

  • Eye Makeup tutorials for girls

    Eye Makeup tutorials for girls

    By Bernard Jean-Pierre

    Knowing how to apply the eyeliner and How to Apply Eyeshadow perfectly is one of the basics of makeup, so if you love makeup, you eventually learn how to do it, so are you ready to learn ? great !! this app is made for you !!take your makeup set and eye-shadow palette and start using your:- Eyeliner - Mascara- Kajal - Eye shadows- Eye brow pencil- Under eye concealStep By Step Tutorial And Tips and learn how to use makeup brushes, makeup vanity, makeup bag, eyeshadow, eye makeup, eyeliner,...

  • Makeup Tutorial and Ideas 2018 - Step by Step

    Makeup Tutorial and Ideas 2018 - Step by Step

    By Zens Apps

    STOP! You've found the right app; Makeup tutorial app is for beginners and experienced women. Enjoy our FREE app and explore your beauty. NEW Features below: Download this great app and enjoy eye makeup tips and ideas and start looking glamorous in every occasion! You're desperately looking for a makeover and you really want to look and feel better about yourself! Get this makeup app now and boost your confidence, it will grow each time you see how amazing your appearance can be...

  • Cosmetics


    By kalashstore

    if you want to know everything about Cosmetics, this application will help you . There are many types of Cosmetics : makeup , cheap makeup , make up store , cosmetic products ,makeup palettes ,best makeup brushes ... Just like Cosmetics that can be treated by many methods . In This application, you will find all thing about Cosmetics, INSTALL THE APP to discover it . Make sure you will learn many things from this application .Please share it with your friends if you like it ....

  • Party Makeup Step by Step

    Party Makeup Step by Step

    By Zabuza

    Are you looking for neon makeup ?This application providing not only neon makeup but also smokey and These days the trend of parties is so in. Doesnt matter if parties are big or small, they are always a rocking all the way out for someone. A party is not only the matter of getting together with friends, etc. and enjoying as the parties these days are getting higher in all possible ways but party has left no limits of sophistication regarding outfits and makeup, accessories blah. There are also...

  • Professional makeup ideas

    Professional makeup ideas

    By getoldroid

    If you have narrow eyes, you can also make up your eyes so as not to look slit. But eye makeup to look natural is an excellent choice to apply your eye makeup. Therefore I provide a way of makeup or eye makeup for beginners. in eye makeup or eyebrows there are some things to note such as the use of eye shadow, how to use Eyeliner, the use of mascara. Actually the steps for how to makeup or eye makeup for beginners is very easy to do. You can learn to make eye makeup to make your eyes look more...

  • Makeup Step by step Tutorial 2018 (Face eyes lips)

    Makeup Step by step Tutorial 2018 (Face eyes lips)

    By Zens Apps

    Makeup is the greatest need for ladies. With this application we are carrying your needs to your phone :)♥ Eye makeup♥ Lip makeup♥ Face makeup♥ Makeup Harmony♥ Excellent ideas for women and young girls♥ You will learn how to make make-up easily at home and you will have a lot of fun looking at the photo collection♥ Quality images for you♥ You can easily see eye makeup and lip makeup ideas♥ This make-up application is designed for a quick and stylish look♥ Now you can easily make the most popular...


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