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  • Aztec Pyramid Mystery

    Aztec Pyramid Mystery

    By GrupoAlamar

    Thousands of years ago, the Aztec civilization concealed an important secret. They kept it hidden in a special place, because it contained the answer to questions that humanity has kept asking itself millennium after millennium. Only the most skilled players can find the answer inside the Aztec pyramids, hidden deep in their dark chambers. Immerse yourself in this game and prove you're worthy of this knowledge.Instructions:The first step is to collect an block with your transporter, and then...

  • Helicopter Rescue Simulator 3D

    Helicopter Rescue Simulator 3D

    By Mizo Studio Inc

    You might have played many rescue helicopter games but this army helicopter rescue game comes with a different set of challenges and missions. Combining the thrill of helicopter rescue games with the training element of helicopter transport games, this helicopter ambulance game teaches you how to fly the copter and perform heli rescue duties as a helicopter pilot not seen in many helicopter flying games. You will transport the accident victims to the hospital in emergency situation and use your...

  • Helicopter Simulator Rescue

    Helicopter Simulator Rescue

    By Best Free Games.

    Take the helicopter flight and find the people in need for help and rescue to become the top helicopter rescue pilot. Reach to the hangar and select your helicopter from the range of many Rescue helicopters, police, army and many more. Hold the flight stick of your helicopter to fly high in the chopper like real Apache or Mil Mi-26. Firefighter trucks have failed to help the victims of hurricane. Help those trucks to rescue the people stuck. Accept the challenge to help and rescue people with...

  • Titanic cross oceans

    Titanic cross oceans

    By Poo And Play

    In 1911 starts the building ducélèbre Titanic when it first stop for crossing oceans hand with over five hundred thousand men and women with the captain relive the history of the largest cruise ship to have time.the bar has the captain is a little tipsy after the party he finds himself in the middle of iceberg you will have to navigate the Titanic ship cross oceans inspired by a true story that is the time to say a your family that you love this to be the last journeyOptimized for mobile gaming...

  • Titanic Escape Crash Parking

    Titanic Escape Crash Parking

    By Apps Factory Ltd

    Titanic Escape Crash Parking game is a brand new gigantic 3d ship simulator game where you drive and avoid delay ice with three gigantic boats across the frozen north sea. Stay alert, do not let your ship sink!☞ Old and New - Sail the historic titanic, modern cruise ships and mega sail boats and do not crash on the ice☞☞ Challenging and Fun - Play 32 levels with 3 difficulty levels and mini games trying to escape the icebergs on the sea☞☞☞☞ New MULTIPLAYER mode - can Escape the titanic from...

  • AndrTitanic


    By Leo Rod

    Try to get as close as possible the iceberg without touching it, in the minimum time.This app is a parody of the famous movie, and has nothing to do with the real history....

  • Carrier Helicopter Flight Simulator - Fly Game ATC

    Carrier Helicopter Flight Simulator - Fly Game ATC

    By Flight Sim Studio

    Highly realistic flight simulator with beautiful detailed graphics and physics. The most advanced flight simulator for android mobile device. Jump into the cockpit of the UH-60 BlackHawk helicopter. Start from USS Nimitz carrier and explore beautiful tropical island with mountains, cities, rivers and lakes. Destroy any building and vehicle, land on military airbase to refuel or just try to return to USS Nimitz. Features: - realistic physics - beautiful graphics - friendly controls - detailed 3D...

  • Titanic Quiz

    Titanic Quiz

    By Z-Doird

    Are a fan of titanic facts?Do you think you know about Titanic?As you know, Titanic is a famous giant boat which drowned in the sea. This app contains many mysterious information about that ship.Share the game with your friends and let them know that you are the best by showing them your score.Features:- No internet connexion needed.- Beautiful design.- Simple interface.- Valuable content.- Comprehensive Quiz.Titanic Quiz is available for free in Google Play Store. Don’t forget to rate our app....

  • Helicopter Adventures

    Helicopter Adventures

    By Quantum Design Group

    Someone left the engines running and now you get to pilot your own helicopter! Helicopter Adventures lets you have all the fun the big boys have by flying your helicopter from helipad to helipad delivering cargo and passengers. No need to spend days in flight school. Land on buildings, aircraft carriers, an oil rig, your own yacht or a beautiful private island!...

  • Titanic Cruise Ship Simulator 2017

    Titanic Cruise Ship Simulator 2017

    By Life Sim Games

    It’s time to start absolutely new story about the famous Titanic cruise ship! Use this fantastically unique chance to level your ship driving ad parking skills, avoid critical obstacles not to repeat the dramatic history of the old Titanic and just enjoy Titanic Cruise Ship Simulator 2017 game!Enjoy the vast expanses of the ocean being a captain of the most comfortable cruise liner ever! Watch your way carefully, ‘cause the traffic is not so easy even at the seas! There are so many ships, boats,...

  • Ship Simulator Cruise Ship Games 2018

    Ship Simulator Cruise Ship Games 2018

    By Beer Pressure

    Welcome to "Cruise Ship Games Ship Simulator" game. The realistic "Cruise Ship Simulator Game" where you get to transport the ship passengers to destination points. Cruise Ship Games Ship Simulator is the latest Cruise Ship Simulator game. Cruise Ship Simulator game is full of thrill and adventure among most of cruise ship simulator games. Are you excited to drive a big Cruise Ship in an ocean? Let’s drive the most realistic cruise ship simulator in this ship game in the beautiful ocean.Cruise...

  • American Police Car Driving

    American Police Car Driving

    By xsasoftware

    If you ever dreamed to be a police ( cop guy ), now is your time to simulate it. American Police Car Driving simulator is a simulator with American police cars ( NYPD ). You will drive the cars ( 4x4, SUV and more ) in a big city that is full of speeders and robbers. You must end their race chasing and catching them by hitting their cars. You also can play time missions to break new records and win virtual money to buy a new car. Be careful, those speeding robbers can escape easily, so you must...

  • Helicopter Simulator 2017

    Helicopter Simulator 2017

    By Game Pickle

    Take flight and be on the lookout for people in need of help in rescue helicopters in a huge open world environment ready to explore; with over 16 km² of area to explore and fly around in!Explore the world and take part in unique missions to unlock rescue copters and more to become the best helicopter rescue pilot in one of the best helicopter simulator games.!! Helicopter Simulator 2017 contains 20 free levels !!Select your copter from a aircraft hangar full of rescue helicopters, police,...

  • City Helicopter Fly Simulation

    City Helicopter Fly Simulation

    By Best Free Games.

    City Helicopter Fly Simulation brings you the best flying experience making your way to become a real pilot and flying through the city. Touch the city skyline with this helicopter flying simulation game. You have to be careful while flying because if you loose focus you will loose your 3D realistic helicopter. You have to land helicopter at the destination and avoid hitting into skyscrapers else you will have to replay the level with safer approach. City Helicopter Fly Simulation contains many...

  • Stickman jailbreak 2020

    Stickman jailbreak 2020

    By Kokoko

    Character Stickman was imprisoned. Your task is to find all the ways to escape from prison. Stick loves to live in nature so he is sad in prison. Use all the items to escape from prison. Think about how to get rid of the problems that surround you in the game. Make your famous escape....

  • Helicopter Simulator 2016 Free

    Helicopter Simulator 2016 Free

    By Thetis Games and Flight Simulators

    Are you ready for an amazing helicopter flight simulator? On Helicopter Flight Simulator 2016 you will fly through a huge set of missions, using the top military and civilian helicopters during day or night on realistic weather conditions in New York city.MAIN FEATURES:- 28 helicopters- Five different weather forecasts, including day and night flights- Living scenario, ground vehicles and air traffic- 3240 missions - Career - Military - Coast Guard - Television...

  • Level It! Tower Falling Over

    Level It! Tower Falling Over

    By Hans Ulrich Wyss

    Fire your bullets into the green wooden block towers – but be careful so that you do not hit the red ones. You finish a level when the green structures have fallen before you run out of ammunition. There are 30 thrilling levels. Are you able to solve them all and crash the towers?You can move your cannon and fire bullets in all directions and are able to rotate the scene and zoom in and out.The 3D game requires a lot of calculation power from your device. To make sure the game runs smoothly you...

  • Titanic Lite by SmartGames

    Titanic Lite by SmartGames

    By SmartGames Live Inc.

    One of the best puzzle games is now finally available as an App, including brand new challenges. Launch the lifeboats, patrol the water and rescue all the passengers who've gone overboard! Titanic by SmartGames is a fascinating sliding puzzle with simple rules but with challenges that are surprisingly hard to solve."Titanic easily makes it onto the list of Best Puzzle Apps of 2012." - gottasolveit.blogspot.comHOW TO PLAYMove your lifeboats in such a way that all drowning passengers can climb in...

  • Free Helicopter Flying Simulator

    Free Helicopter Flying Simulator

    By Game Tap

    Free Helicopter Flying Simulator by Game Tap is new flight simulator with amazing free flight and many challenging missions. Helicopter Sim gives the best flying experience and helps you to become a real pilot by improving your flying skills. and flying through the city. Get on the aircraft of your choice and fly around the city skyline. Use all tactics in this fun helicopter flying simulation game to complete your flight mission. Be careful while flying 3D realistic helicopter and do not crash...

  • Titanic Ship Simulator

    Titanic Ship Simulator

    By Multi Touch Games

    Titanic Ship Simulator is the latest Simulator games from MTS free Games, the makers of the famous Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player. In this Escape game you get the full opportunity to take command of your favorite Titanic ship to transport the passengers. Try this Ship simulator game! In this real game you will travel from one port to another in a specific amount of time. Try to avoid obstacles and reach the destination in time, keep in mind that you are sailing with a purpose. You need to work...


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