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  • Apartment Tycoon - Business

    Apartment Tycoon - Business

    By Keong Games

    Got a lot of money and still want to add more money? Let's join just the same business mall kos-kos. You can be a skipper like Mother. Only in the Kos Juragan Kos.To start this business, invest a little of your money to buy land. After the land is available, call the builder to start building your boarding house! The sooner the builders work, the faster your board is built up. And of course the sooner you get the rent.Collect as much rent as possible and buy interesting features that will speed...

  • Jeans Sundaeria

    Jeans Sundaeria

    By AFEEL, INC.

    ★ Nutrition Facts (Amount Per Serving)▷ Calories : 0 kcal ▷ Sugar : 9999 g▷ Total Fat : 0 g ▷ Caffeine : 0 mg♥ Last month's best seller was Strawberry Parfait.( ^_^)_旦I can't wait to see how well it would sell this month.The customers also really loved Chocolate and Pudding Parfait.♥ But our Tropical Parfait isn't doing that well… What do I do with all the fruits in the kitchen?Sigh. ( 。´ □`) =3▣ Gameplay Concept▷ Bring food to the customers and keep them happy.▷ If the customers wait for...

  • Mega Mall Story Lite

    Mega Mall Story Lite

    By Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    Design a towering mall of mega proportions! Attract droves of customers and elevate yourself to 5-star status in this mall management simulation game! Add anything from fast food joints to sushi restaurants, stairs and elevators--even a heliport--all with a touch of the finger! When your establishment's popularity reaches a certain point, a "Fever" is triggered in which customers swamp your mall! You can then exercise your newfound affluence by investing in the surrounding area--bringing in even...

  • Happy Mall: Sim Building Game

    Happy Mall: Sim Building Game

    By Star Element

    Don't miss out. Try it now!Happy Mall is a cartoon-style stimulation business mobile game. Players build complexes floor by floor to complete quests and open businesses. Happy Mall features simply gameplay, exquisite graphics, an abundance of quests, and diverse stages. You can also collect gold to build your complex. You won't want to stop playing!Details:* Recruit employees and leverage their capabilities.* Build different shops to maximize benefits.* Compete with your friends' buildings....

  • Mallscapes – Mall Story (Unreleased)

    Mallscapes – Mall Story (Unreleased)

    By Gaming Hippo

    Wanna be a billionaire?Ever dream of having a mega mall?Desire to manage variety of shops?Want to make so much money with just tapping and clicking?If you have all these dreams, why don’t you just come to Mallscapes, a sim game which is able to realize you all your fantasies!In Mallscapes, you will go through all kinds of business activities, constructing, revamping, expanding, recruiting, and so on. You business is all up to you now! And the secret of making more money is to keep building and...

  • Crazy Zoo

    Crazy Zoo

    By Libii

    Hey~ Libii presents Crazy Zoo! Why not come and play with your favorite animals?Love zoos and miss the lovely animals? We hear your heart, and make this game for you. Now, have a look at what we've got here: three handsome parrots with distinct personalities, a graceful peacock, the coolest lion, a naughty and cute crocodile and so on. You can enjoy the fun of rap, taking pictures, catching fishes, jumping in trampoline challenge…Curious about what else we have? Come on, let's proceed to the fun...

  • Wonderful Zoo Tycoon - Virtual Craft Dinosaurs

    Wonderful Zoo Tycoon - Virtual Craft Dinosaurs

    By Craft World Team

    Prehistoric times were so long time ago… Ah, if only we have a chance to see the real dinosaurs with our own eyes! Wait a second… here’s this chance – our new amazingly colorful Wonderful Zoo Tycoon - Virtual Craft Dinosaurs game, where you should build your own zoo filled with these stunning ancient creatures!BE THE REAL DINO ZOO MANAGER• Jurassic period was absolutely amazing – velociraptor, ankylosaur, pterodactyl, triceratops, stegosaur and even this powerful t-rex itself!• Everything should...

  • Pet Animal Farm Building Craft

    Pet Animal Farm Building Craft

    By Animals Wildlife Studio

    Enjoy this unusual crafting game! If you are a lover of animals, that animal game is for you: puppies, kittens, even farm animals are here! All of these pets want to be your friends in Pet Animal Farm Building Craft game! Craft and explore the world, find appropriate materials and use blocks to build the perfect pet farm. AN AMAZING GAMING EXPERIENCEGet an experience in pet house crafting, this game is focused on not only for kids: girls and boys, but for the whole family! Do you want to have...

  • My Zoo Crafting Simulator 3D

    My Zoo Crafting Simulator 3D

    By VR Hero

    Ever dreamed to craft your own zoo full of different interesting animals? Now you have a chance to do this with our My Zoo Crafting Simulator 3D game! Build enclosures, transport animals, decorate their open-air cages to make them feel really comfortable, watch them mating and just have fun!Feel like a real zoo manager! Make a plan for every enclosure, build special fence to prevent animal escapes! Start with one animal and soon you can unlock the others! Watch the life of deer, mosses, wolves,...

  • Animal Park Tycoon Deluxe

    Animal Park Tycoon Deluxe

    By Shinypix

    Animal Park Tycoon Deluxe is a free theme park building simulator where your create your own zoo and take care of hundreds of animals ! Lions, tigers, zebras, koalas and even unicorns, unlock them all to create the most fabulous and popular zoo ever. Discover new creatures everyday and collect legendary species to make your zoo more famous and unique. It's up to you to manage the reputation and attractiveness of your zoo: keep your animals happy and healthy. Decorate your zoo with beautiful...

  • Farm Truck Simulator - Zoo Animal

    Farm Truck Simulator - Zoo Animal

    By O2 Studio

    Be an ultimate animal truck driver and drive a huge cargo truck loaded with the zoo wild animals and the birds and drive the animal simulator from one zoo to another.Everyone have a craze of having a pet animal or wanted to see the furious wild animals by visiting the jungle zoo animal with their families and friends. So here the author of the zoo animal simulator have assigned you the duty of transportation in which you have to transfer the farm animals which are bought from the other countries...

  • Animal Zoo Family - Wonder Craft Park

    Animal Zoo Family - Wonder Craft Park

    By Virtual 3D Worlds

    SMALL POCKET ZOO UPGRADEABLE LOCS COLORFUL ANIMALS AMAZING EMOTIONS FAMILY QUESTS [Start with some few species] Ruling the large zoo when you’re just a beginner is not such a good idea, you know. First, think over your abilities and strategy. Start with just a couple of lions (for example) and prove that you can feed them in time – satisfied animals equal happy animals! Watch them growing up and making their family decisions – this will be awesome! [Feed your zoo residents] Every animal will be...

  • Baby Tiger Care - My Cute Virtual Pet Friend

    Baby Tiger Care - My Cute Virtual Pet Friend

    By TutoTOONS

    Lili is the most adorable baby tiger, and now she can be your pocket pet friend! Take care of tiny Lili: wash, dress up, feed, play games and do crafts with her! Don’t forget that she’s still a baby kitty and needs a lot of sleep!We saw how much you loved baby tiger Lili from Kiki & Fifi Pet Hotel and created this adorable little game for you! Now you can have Lili as your virtual pet! Take care of the tiny tiger, watch her stats and enjoy her unbearable cuteness!CUSTOMIZEChange Lili’s fur to...

  • My Little Pet Shop Cash Register Cashier Games

    My Little Pet Shop Cash Register Cashier Games

    By Crazy Games Lab

    My little pet shop is famous for its pets selling and buying business and pet store accessories all around the world. Time to work as pets cashier & store cashier to sell pets and earn money in my little pet shop cash register cashier games. Buy little pets including virtual dog, cat pet tom, kittens, and much more in my pet shop cash register cashier games. Buy virtual pet from my little pet shop and play the role of bank cashier at cash counter of my little pet shop cash register cashier...

  • Cat Pet Shop: Girl Craft Story

    Cat Pet Shop: Girl Craft Story

    By Tiny Dragon Adventure Games: Craft, Sport & RPG

    Cat, kittens and pets with Building & crafting in one game! Build, craft (for girls) in a world full of cute fluffy cats! Remember kawaii cat, angry cat or other famous animals? All the pussies are here. Best of all cat games! Now you can meet them in one game for girls! Play cool “Cat Craft Story: Girls Game” - the best building & crafting game for teenage girls for free! All the cats in one place! Cute animals all around you. Pocket edition of exploration! Play with them, build them a house...

  • Pet Cake Shop

    Pet Cake Shop

    By Libii

    Extra, Extra! Big news in town: Pet Cake Shop is officially open! People from all over the town come for enticing treats. With an endless stream of customers arriving, this place definitely becomes a hotspot. "- I'd like a brownie please.""- Could you give me a muffin?""- Can I…"Oh~ those poor pet waiters. Dusted in flour, sticky with jam, covered by fruit, they're totally lost. This is just out of their control, would you please help them?Okay, let's figure out what you can do here: making...

  • Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator

    Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator

    By iApps And iGames

    This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Hologram.Hologram Kitten 3D simulator - a simulation game where you can play on your phone like a 3D hologram pet cat. The game uses a camera for a more realistic effect!Make fun and play your friends and loved ones!Thank you for playing our games and apps! Leave us feedback and we try to make our games even better for you!...

  • Forest Folks - Your Own Adorable Pet Spa

    Forest Folks - Your Own Adorable Pet Spa

    By Tapps Games

    Your forest folks can wait to visit the new sensation everyone’s been talking about: your pet spa! Relieve them of the stress while having lots of fun! The big challenge is to manage your time while giving a treat to your dear pets! Extremely cute rabbits, bears, dogs and cats will look for your spa to have the greatest time! So, just sit back and enjoy this relaxing time with them!Can you deal with many pets at the same time? Your customers deserve the best: play amazing minigames with them...

  • Bird Land Paradise: Pet Shop Game, Play with Bird

    Bird Land Paradise: Pet Shop Game, Play with Bird

    By Cute Mobile Games

    Bird Land Paradise is the best bird caring simulation game where you can care and get cute birdie from pet store. Enjoy the cute pet world and birds that live there! If you love animal games and birds, look no further! This is truly a pet paradise where your birds can live. Bird Land Paradise is a game is the best pet shop game for any animal games lover. Play with, take care, feed pets in your own Bird Land!You will collect birdie , feed them to level them up ! If you always wanted to adopt a...

  • Dogs Vs Homework - Clicker Idle Game

    Dogs Vs Homework - Clicker Idle Game

    By Adventure Cat, LLC

    Do you love dogs but hate doing homework? Need a silly, dumb game to help pass the time? Let your furry canine friends do all the homework for you! Score millions of A+’s without even lifting a pencil in this all new clicker game. This is a dog pet simulation clicker game / idle game.Tap on your homework to earn A’s. Once you earn enough A’s, you can adopt new pet dogs that does your homework for you. Use A's to purchase upgrades and level them up. Once you have enough A's, you can buy and...


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