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  • Clash Royale Dicas

    Clash Royale Dicas

    By Clash Royale Dicas

    *** O MELHOR SITE DE CLASH ROYALE, AGORA NA PLAY STORE ****** O mundo do Clash Royale está aqui! ***Dos mesmos criadores do site Clash Royale Dicas, nunca mais você vai precisar de outra fonte de pesquisa! Tudo que você precisa saber para melhorar suas habilidades está aqui, 100% GRÁTIS, aqui no Clash Royale Dicas!• CICLO DOS BAÚS - PRÓXIMOS BAÚS•Descubra quais os seus próximos Baús!• DECKS •Confira os melhores Decks que estão presente no M.E.T.A, cuidadosamente avaliados pelos nossos...

  • BSI TV - Clash Royale Emoticon

    BSI TV - Clash Royale Emoticon

    By BSI TV

    Use clash royale emoticons in everyday life!This app is made by BSI TV. subscribe us!! thank youhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOLzKrg9PnyYlVmjSXGlMcg?sub_confirmation=1 This app is created by clash royale fan kit. read the link below for more informationhttps://clashroyale.com/blog/community/clash-royale-fan-kit...

  • Clash Royale Amino en Español

    Clash Royale Amino en Español

    By Amino Apps

    ¡Únete a la comunidad de rápido crecimiento sobre Clash Royale! Aprende las mejores formas de jugar, chatea con otros jugadores y obtén las noticias más recientes. Clash Amino en Español es como un foro, chat y guía todo envuelto en uno.- CHATEA con otros jugadores y haz nuevos amigos- DESCUBRE secretos sobre gameplays en la comunidad- OBTÉN las noticias más recientes y actualizaciones sobre expansiones y próximas ediciones- COMPARTE tus mejores tips sobre el juego, arte y mucho más- APRENDE de...

  • Guide for Clash Royale

    Guide for Clash Royale

    By Minnos Inc.

    Dont play this guide without reading Clash Royale!Clash Royale information, card information, such as equipped with many useful features clash Royale Arena tactics guide, you too you're going to win. Clash Royale supplemented with videos guide you with defeat your enemies. Also do not need to have an Internet connection!Features:-Ability to reach offline.-Detailed information about each card (Troops, Spells, Buildings).-Card Development statistics.-Easy-to-use possibility.-Clash Royale Game...

  • ReplayRoyale for Clash Royale

    ReplayRoyale for Clash Royale

    By Replay Royale

    Want to browse Clash Royale replays older than 24 hours? Want to search for games featuring your favorite deck? Having trouble with an annoying match up?Replay Royale lets you find Clash Royale replays for any deck and any card combination.Sort and search for games by cards, rank, date, and more....

  • Emotes for Clash Royale

    Emotes for Clash Royale

    By Burn2Rise Gaming

    Download our app and get a new Emotes from the Clash Royale with animations and sounds:★ 16 Goblin emotes ★ 8 Princess emotes ★ 4 King emotes★ 4 Wizard emotes★ 4 Giant emotes★ 4 Barbarian emotes★ 8 Hog Rider emotes==================FAN CONTENT POLICY:==================This app acted as a guidance app for the game Clash Royale by Supercell. This is unofficial and not associated by Supercell. All emotions can be used only in this app. All images, background, popup are belong to Supercell. For more...

  • Clash Royale Helper

    Clash Royale Helper

    By João Pinho

    Clash Royale Helper is an application with the purpose to help users of Clash Royale management their accounts. With Clash Royale Helper, you can:--> Create decks as many as you want in "Deck Builder" that provides you the list of all cards. You can order your cards them by "Name", "Elixir Cost", "Rarity" and "Arena" and filter them by "Arena" in order to have the best experience creating your decks. (Last inserted card: "Royal Recruits")--> See your deck list when you want.--> Export your decks...

  • Lords of War:Empire,Battle of Mobile Clash

    Lords of War:Empire,Battle of Mobile Clash

    By Core Rpg Studio

    ●●●Play with millions of players in the warlord world!●●●Build your splendid castle, set the strongest fortress, train a powerful army, feed your legend dragon and compete with worldwide players.Lords of War is a strategy game. Set your strategies and attack and defend the enemies、quest wild monsters,collect resources and strength your empire. The Clash of kingdoms will break out soon,please seize the time and enhance your kingdom’s power, Fight to become the greatest warlord of the...

  • Swordy


    By Pilav Prodüksiyon

    Swordy is a medieval age Real Time Strategy game (RTS) in which you can command your soldiers to fight against the enemy. You can select both Ottoman army or European crusaders. Both armies have different types of troops: swordsman, archers, cannons and a hero. In this epic battle, you will try to defend your base against the enemy army, and when you become strong enough, you will try to destroy the enemy base with your cannons supported by your swordsman and archers. Your soldiers will get...

  • Ottoman Empire History Plus

    Ottoman Empire History Plus

    By AXON

    Welcome to explore the Ottoman Empire History.This application gives you information about the Ottoman Empire. Explore sultans of Ottoman Empire. Learn everything about the Ottoman Empire. Now you can purchase and use with a clean interface without ads.The Ottoman Empire was founded by Osman I. As sultan Mehmed II conquered Constantinople (today named Istanbul) in 1453, the state grew into a mighty empire. The Empire reached its apex under Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century when it...

  • Bubbles Vs Zombies

    Bubbles Vs Zombies

    By Pinka

    ???? Hello Brave Player! ???? The zombies need your help, the bubbles are the only obstacle left between thrm and the city, where he'll find fresh brains!It takes a while to master this game, but very easy to learn and start playing!The bubbles seem harmless, but they are very crafty, so prepare for some challenges! Carve your way through the bubbles and plan your shots, some shots lead to huge drops!FEATURES: * Clear the bubbles by Matching 3 or more of the same color.* Many levels of bubbles need...

  • Grandpa vs Zombies

    Grandpa vs Zombies

    By Musklon

    ⛔️ Zombies, Zombies, Zombies, HAAA!! HAAA!! they coming to kill you, Are you ready for a real adventure?⛔️ No time to rest! Fight a lost battle against the zombies before they kill you!⛔️ Download and install Grandpa vs Zombies right now and have fun!Key Features: ???? Universal game Works best on any Android device including Tabs (Smart-phone & Tablet)???? There are So many Different world & Levels, also you Can Unlock new world using coins, How many will you discover????? Discover the beauty of...

  • Engineers vs Zombies HD

    Engineers vs Zombies HD

    By Healthy Body Apps

    "Engineer VS Zombies" is a arcade game (battle between Engineers and Zombies).Zombies attacked your city. Engineers are trying to kill all zombies by their engineering skill. Donations are comming from different places. You have to collect them. For extra money, you can also place workshop/flowers that will produce money for you. You have to collect those money.You can use those money to setup new workshop or buy weapon. Weapons kills zombies.New type of enemies are unlocked in each new level.-...

  • Plant Versus Zombi Zipper Lockscreen

    Plant Versus Zombi Zipper Lockscreen

    By Fanup Developer

    How to set your lock screen wallpaper:1. Check the box that says 'enable lock screen'2. Enter your passcode twice to confirm it3. Personalize your mobile screen as you wishFeatured :- Many background lock screens with zips you want;- Choose your favorite "Plant Versus Zombi Zipper Lockscreen;- Choose your favorite zipper plant vs zombi style to "unlock your phone";- Adjust the zipper horizontally or vertically;- Select to show or hide numbers above the locked screen;- Set the time and date...

  • SWAT vs Zombies - Zombies Defense

    SWAT vs Zombies - Zombies Defense

    By Superpow

    A pandemic has turned people into zombies all, all survivors were evacuated from endemic areas, however some a small left village in the siege of Zombies. You are the only soldiers can save all village, Let’s kill hordes of zombies and save the villagers. SWAT vs Zombies is the attractive action game and simple to play charismatic performances, especially games absolutely free and suitable for everyone. Let’s join games with many outstanding features: - Completely Free - HD Image and sound fun -...

  • Knights vs. Zombies

    Knights vs. Zombies

    By Batefe Soft

    This is full version of game and it is completely free to play.A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal of zombie-zapping knights.Use different knight to slow down, confuse, weaken and mulchify zombies before they can reach your castle.Each zombie has its own special skills, so be careful how you use your limited supply of knights as you battle the fun zombies.Use sun to generate coins and with help of coins you will able to bring different...



    By RoyZay

    New TIPS AND Tricks for play PLANTS VS ZOMBIE 2 game.Get it presently ENJOY THE play PLANTS VS ZOMBIE 2. Thisplay PLANTS VS ZOMBIE 2 manage application isn't from official. This application isn't made by designer of this amusement . play PLANTS VS ZOMBIE 2 direct simply need to enable you to play that amusement with simple tips. A debt of gratitude is in order for the diversion designer. That play PLANTS VS ZOMBIE 2 direct diversion is great....

  • The Forest  vs zombies 2018

    The Forest vs zombies 2018

    By Colony Games Ltd

    welcometo the Perfect Game To Start Your Day!!!Yes. That is right. you find yourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive againstThe Plant Forest VS Zombie is an addon for Minecraft PE,adding mobs in the form of plants so if you want to survive you have to be clever and fast. You will soon explore In Mod Skin and you live in a Island Maps of animals & plant and zombie Games. You have to use the items that you find and fight all zombies & animals to survive and have fun!Download The Hard...

  • Slug Vs Orc Dark Defense Showdown

    Slug Vs Orc Dark Defense Showdown

    By Aaron Co

    Do you get what it takes to protect the slugs from invasion of the orcs?Download Slugs vs. Orcs PVZ now and utilise your top-notch tower strategy defence skills to win this fearless battle for slugs and plants survival. The evolution of deadly orcs are unbelievable. They fight longer and become more powerful with their own evolving metal armors. Ready to battle in, fight forward, and even eat the innocent slugs for their further power up. Knowing that only with the correct strategic elements of...

  • Plants Vs Garden Hidden Object

    Plants Vs Garden Hidden Object

    By kids Sk igames

    Do you have it all to master this lovely free hidden objects game? Try to find the tons of different objects we carefully crafted. See why we have been called as one of the best free hidden objects games for this year. If you love mystery and hidden games you will definitely adore this one!EXCITING HIDDEN OBJECT GAMEThe most important thing in any of the new hidden object games is to show great analytics skills. If you love mystery and finding clues, this game is for you enjoy the finding...


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