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By Tushar Kalra

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finger tapping test online

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The Finger Tapping Test also called the Finger Oscillation Test, has a long history in the field of neuropsychology an accurate predictor of the health of your Central Nervous System. The finger tapping test has the advantage of being a relatively pure neurologically driven motor task because the inertial and intersegmental interactions are so small that biomechanical influences on movement are reduced.

This task is frequently used to quantitatively evaluate patients with Parkinson’s disease, ataxia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Korsakoff's syndrome, as well as in individuals who have suffered an acute stroke. It is a really simple, time effective and accurate way of gathering data about the health of your nervous system.

This app can be a great tool in any biohackers arsenal. As this task is a complex motion that is affected by external stimuli, mood and health status it is a great to gather your data every morning by spending 10s. You can use the set a baseline health of your CNS by doing the test on your resting days.

After you have an intense workout your musculoskeletal system along with your nervous system is fatigued, so doing a test on days after you worked out is good to see if your nervous system is recovered because if your nervous system has not yet adapted to the last workout then your musculoskeletal has most definitely not made that adaption either. So going for another workout will basically lead to overtraining.










First version of CNS Finger tapping test. Shout out to my mentor Randy W and mah friend MINGYU

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CNS - Finger Tapping Test

CNS - Finger Tapping Test

Screenshots - 1 : CNS - Finger Tapping Test

CNS - Finger Tapping Test

Screenshots - 2 : CNS - Finger Tapping Test

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