four stroke or two stroke for canoe forum

four stroke or two stroke for canoe forum - Four Stroke

By Bad Milk Games

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four stroke or two stroke for canoe forum

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Cars. Guns. Miniature Golf. Mayhem. And a total lack of golf etiquette.

Play a highly addictive, fusion of miniature golf and vehicular combat. The objective is to get your ball in the hole before your opponents. Use your car and its gun turret to launch the ball and your opponents around the course, while attempting to avoid the course hazards designed to impede your progress. Find the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) plunger somewhere on the course to disable your opponents and gain an advantage.

Play offensively or defensively, just score first. No two games are the same.


• Choose your car and ball color.

• Compete against formidable AI controlled opponents.

• Four Difficulty Levels:

○ A choice for every player skill level.

• Nine Challenging Holes:

○ Hole No. 1 ("Basic Training"): A straight course that introduces you to all the hazards of the game. The course begins with a jump before leading to a windmill flanked by two water hazards. The hole lies beyond this on an elevated green shielded by a wall.

○ Hole No. 2 ("Chokepoint"): This course forces all opponents to fight their way through a narrow corridor before approaching the hole surrounded by walls.

○ Hole No. 3 ("King of the Hill"): A course that allows each opponent relatively safe passage to a centrally located hole. The hole, however, resides on a hill in a free-for-all zone.

○ Hole No. 4 ("It's a Trap, a Sand Trap!"): Navigate a straight course riddled with sand traps before arriving at an elevated green and one final sand trap.

○ Hole No. 5 ("Walled-In!"): A simple course featuring a hole surrounded by a large wall on three sides.

○ Hole No. 6 ("Serpentine"): An aptly named course that requires you to weave through several barriers and traverse a jump on the way to the hole.

○ Hole No. 7 ("Supercross"): Travel around this looping course performing jumps along the way. At the end, a hole straddled by a pylon.

○ Hole No. 8 ("Dead-Endz"): This "Z" shaped course challenges you with dead-end sand traps and various walls. Use the angled walls to perform bank shots to avoid the hazards.

○ Hole No. 9 ("Cornholed"): An entrance at the top of a large ramp offers a chance to score almost instantly, if you can direct your ball into it. If not, two alternative paths to the hole require you to navigate around walls and through water hazards.


• Get ahead of your opponents on the course by shooting their balls back towards the start of the course.

• Clear your opponents' balls from the green before trying to score yourself; especially, on Normal and Hard mode.

• Use the course obstacles to your advantage by ricocheting your ball off them towards your destination.

• Tap the fire button to putt the ball or hold down the button until completely charged to drive the ball longer distances.

• Use the ball locator arrow, the hole locator arrow and your turret angle to set up shots towards the hole.

• If an opponent is about to trigger the EMP, shoot your ball towards them to attempt to catch them in the blast.

Do you have the skill and technique to top the leaderboard? Can you beat your previous or friends' course time? Download now and find out. Play for FREE!


• Android OS 4.1 or later

• 800 x 480 or higher resolution

• 1 GB RAM or more recommended

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December 16, 2016





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Four Stroke

Four Stroke

Screenshots - 1 : Four Stroke

Four Stroke

Screenshots - 2 : Four Stroke

Four Stroke

Screenshots - 3 : Four Stroke

Four Stroke

Screenshots - 4 : Four Stroke

Four Stroke

Screenshots - 5 : Four Stroke

Four Stroke

Screenshots - 6 : Four Stroke

Four Stroke

Screenshots - 7 : Four Stroke

Four Stroke

Screenshots - 8 : Four Stroke


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