pepper panic saga download for ipad

pepper panic saga download for ipad - Pepper panic

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pepper panic saga download for ipad

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Pepper Pannic 2 pro is a new amazing puzzle game based on play store Play Through each level hoping to hit the stars to unlock more juicy levels in this enchanting adventure! Join those delicious Pepper Pannic 2 pro and enjoy the most splashtastic matching game around. Connect the longest line of Jellies you can, settle in and relax with the most delightful puzzle game around, Journey through loads of different levels and dozens of different challenges to free your Pepper Pannic 2 friends. But watch out for the Smiles, They’ve taken over Jelly Land and filled it with everything from traps, to go, and even quicklime, With loads of fun events, huge sales and awesome bonuses every month, you’ll love coming back again and again for some chilled-out match puzzling, So that you will enjoy this game, but you probably will have to use the mind, Pepper Pannic 2 pro : The graphics are amazing , that’s why don’t stop, just play this game and share it on your social network

Match three peppers of the same color to make them explode – and if you start a chain reaction, there’s a pepper spicy your panic! And begin enjoying 99+ levels and create special pepper blast! or slide combination 3 or more pepper to complete level.


- Colorful ingredients.

- Sweet graphics and stunning hot effects

- Use special item boost to reach your goal.

- Pepper topic match 3 puzzle game.

How to Play:

- You can see the Pepper missions you have to gather on the top of the page

- All you have to do is match 3 blocks of the same color

- If you match 3 blocks together, you get a +1 on the jellies around them with fixed probability

- If you match 3 blocks both across and down, you get a +2 on the relevant rows and columns with a fixed probability

- If you match 5 blocks of the same color, they all disappear

- In the case of the Pepper locked inside the thorns, it'll be released if you match it with jellies of the same color

- Ghost Peppers vanish if you match blocks around them

- Bag Monster: They munch up the mission Jellies every five turns! Oh boy! Bag Monsters cannot even be removed

- Caterpillar: If you do not remove them quickly, they will munch up the peppers! Try to remove them quickly using the neighboring peppers

- Tap on two or more candies to make them burst

- Scoring the target points to level up.

- Don't rush! No time limit!

- Helpful magical boosters to help with challenging levels

- Easy and fun to play, challenging to master

- Very small size but super tasty graphics

- Create a high score in your friends circle

- This is a perfect game interface, sound, effects, game play, full map, full design, full animation, for such a full sound

- Simple tap to control the game, comfortable feel





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February 15, 2018



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4.1 and up

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Pepper panic

Pepper panic

Screenshots - 1 : Pepper panic

Pepper panic

Screenshots - 2 : Pepper panic

Pepper panic

Screenshots - 3 : Pepper panic


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